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Successful prevention together with the appropriate response to cyber security risks calls for interdisciplinary and cross-bordercollaboration. The skills of legal, technical, forensic and communications experts are all needed if companies are to be optimally prepared for attacks, able to ward them off successfully and deal with, or at least minimise, their consequences. Our Cyber Incident Hub has built up a network of first-class, experienced partners, allowing it to offer a coordinated response to all types of cyber security problem. Our round-the-clock service ranges from drawing up a cyber security response plan and analysing a company’s ability to deal with cyber risk, to dealing with security breaches, data loss and the investigation of cyber attacks in a legally correct manner. Good communication in the event of an attack helps to restore any reputational damage quickly. When all is said and done, being able at all times to ensure cyber and data security is essential for companies today if they are to meet their legal obligations in respect of compliance and good governance.



The offer includes a comprehensive range of services provided by an interdisciplinary and well-coordinated team of experts with all essential competencies in the event of a cyber attack.

Public Relations

Crisis communication advice and support for messaging to external and internal audiences. Long-term communication and reputation recovery support.


Advice and assistance on notifications to data protection authorities, sector-specific supervisory bodies and law enforcement officials. Advice on appropriate response to cyber extortion and criminal threats, legality of paying ransomware demands.

Customer Care

Identity theft monitoring services for affected individuals.

Asset Freezing

Innovative legal-tech service to secure criminally transferred funds.

Incident Response Forensics

On site team to conduct investigation of breach, limit damage and restore security.

Technical Expertise

Post-incident investigation of breach and recommendations to mitigate future risks.

Team Coordination

Project leader to coordinate an interdisciplinary team of experts (Legal, Public Relations and cybersecurity experts) in the response to a cyberattack.


Cyber Incident Hub – A Powerful Response To Cyber Attacks

The three leading consulting firms MLL, Farner, Oneconsult and the start-up CYBERA launched the first inter-disciplinary “Cyber Incident Hub” during the trade association’s XBorder event.

Cyber Incident Hub Landing Page is Live!

The new Cyber Incident Hub landing page is live. Get an overview of what we have to offer. We look forward to hearing from you.

Gastbeitrag von Tobias Ellenberger, COO Oneconsult in Inside IT: “Die andere Sicht: Ver­waltungs­räte stehen bei Cyber­attacken in der Verant­wortung”

Die Verwaltungsräte von Unternehmen sind nicht nur haftbar bei Cyber­angriffen, sondern auch für die Prävention verantwortlich.

Führungswechsel bei Oneconsult

Nach fast 20 Jahren gibt Christoph Baumgartner das CEO-Zepter weiter an den bisherigen COO Tobias Ellenberg.

Cyber-Angriffe: Einer ernst zu nehmenden Gefahr erfolgreich begegnen und ihre Auswirkungen begrenzen

Neben der richtigen Prävention gegen Attacken gehört vor allem deren adäquate Bewältigung zum erfolgreichen Risk Management einer verantwortungsvollen Unternehmensführung.

Ist Ransomware heute das lukrativste Geschäftsmodell für Cyberkriminelle?

Ransomware gibts seit den 80-Jahren, aber seitdem hat sich das Businessmodell massiv verändert. Ein Überblick, wie die Cyberkriminellen ihr Geld verdienen.


The four partners together provide the optimal bundle of expertise to deal with cyber attacks, no matter what form they take. They offer: cyber-centred legal advice and data protection, cyber security, reaction to and defence against attacks, as well as digital forensics, reputation protection and crisis communication, protection against cyber fraud and 24/7 incident response.


Specialist legal advice relating to cyber affairs and data protection

Lukas Bühlmann
Partner MLL

“Any loss of data, and the response to it, immediately gives rise to liability and accountability risk. Responding in the right way, even under the pressure of events, helps to reduce the risk of legal consequences.”


Incident response and digital forensics

Tobias Ellenberger
CEO Oneconsult

“The sooner professional assistance is given, the smaller the risk that an organisation will sustain heavy losses because of a cyber attack. That is why it is important, if you are attacked, that you can call quickly on the services of an experienced, reliable and professional partner.”


Reputation protection and crisis communications

Daniel Heller
Partner Farner Consulting

“Damage to, or theft of, sensitive customer data can lead very quickly to a public scandal. For the organisation involved, this can cause serious reputational damage. With the help of a good and experienced team providing professional crisis communication, reputational damage can be minimised.”


International response in case of funds or Bitcoins lost to cyber criminals

Nicola S.
Founder und CEO CYBERA

“In order to block sums of money that have been fraudulently obtained by providing the information relevant under criminal law, and to secure those sums before they get laundered and are irrevocably lost, you need new solutions – and we offer them.”


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